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Trekking Central and Northern Armenia Start - 20 Jul 2017 End - 29 Jul 2017

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This 10 day trekking tour is designed for exploring the Central and Northern parts of Armenia. To get started first we will take a city tour in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. We will visit galleries, museums, concert complexes, bridges and much more. The tour will continue to Garni Pagan Temple, St. Stepanos Church, Astghik Waterfall, Khosrov reserve. We will visit Ice Knight Cave and Kaqavaberd near Azat River. We will hike to the highest peak of Geghama and Azhdahak Mountains. Through Lake Akna and Lake Sevan we will move to Cross Stones of Noratus, Lake Parz, Goshavanq and Haghartsin Monasteries. On the eighth day we will drive to Vanadzor, visit Sanahin, Haghpat and Qobayr Monasteries. The final destinations will be Mount Aragats, Amberd Fortress and Saghmosavank Monastery. Before saying goodbye to Armenia we will take a city walk in Yerevan and recollect the impressions of the first day!

Day 1

Arrival, meeting and transfer to the hotel (preferred arrival times before the tour start day 12pm - 6am). You will be checked in hotel the time you arrive, your room will be reserved. There are preferred arrival times as it would be better to have some rest before the start of the tour. In case you have some free time our guide will advise how to spend your time, what to visit, where to eat.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport (Armenia)

Day 2

We will start the day with a city tour in Yerevan. The first day includes visiting Erebuni Museum-Reserve which is a fortified city from the ancient kingdom of Urartu, located in Yerevan. It was one of several fortresses built along the northern Urartian border and was one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of the vast kingdom. The name Yerevan itself is derived from Erebuni.  In the evening we will have dinner. We will continue walking in Yerevan after the dinner. Modern Yerevan is mostly a rebuilt colorful city with buildings of unique architecture, constructed from basalt, marble, onyx and volcanic tuff stone. Overnight in Yerevan

Meal in fee: Breakfast, Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 3

Early morning we start our tour to Garni pagan temple. This pagan temple of Garni was built in the 1st. century A. D. Here we can admire the beauty of Armenian nature, which is unique and wonderful. Then we are going to continue our tour to St. Stepanos (hiking duration will be 2.5 hours). St. Stepanos was one of the ancient Armenian churches. While having a walk we will enter Khosrov Reserve. Once it has been a place of hunting for nobles. Our final point will be Astghik waterfall, where we can enjoy the beauty of the nature. Local people say that the waterfall was called so, as Armenian goddess Astghik used to swim there. The waterfall is open for swimming.

Meal in fee: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping tent

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 4

We start our tour to Ice Knight Cave which is situated near Azat River. In 1600 it was inhabited by Armenians and we can find some hand-made anthropogenic buildings there (hiking duration will be 3.5 hours, m.a.s 1500 – 1700). We will overnight in Erjankahovit.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 5

Our tour starts from Kaqavaberd. Kaqavaberd (9th-10th centuries) is a fortress located upon a ridge overlooking Azat River gorge at the Khosrov Reserve in Ararat Province of Armenia. The fortified walls of Kakavaberd are well preserved. It is situated among rocks and it makes it inaccessible. Towers at the northeastern side are 8 to 10 meters high. Within the fortress are the ruins of a church and other constructions (hiking duration will be 1.5 hours). On the way to the Geghama Mountains we will meet Vishap stones (18-16 century). Vishap stones were for the worship of water. Trekking tour continues to the highest peak of the Geghama Mountains: Mount Azhdahak 3597m. It is formed by a volcanic field, containing Pleistocene-to-Holocene. Hiking lasts 4.5 hours.

Meal in fee: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping tent

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 6
Lake Sevan

Today’s trekking starts from mount Azhdahak (2.5 hours.) The highest point of Geghama Mountains is the volcano Azhdahak, altitude - 3597.3 m.a.s. There is a lake in the crater of the volcano Azhdahak. Time to take our tents and continue our way to Lake Akna, which is considered to be the blue beauty of Geghama Mountains (hiking duration 3 hours). Then we will continue our trip to Sevaberd village by Jeeps, it is in is a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. Last destination of the day will be Lake Sevan, we will move by bus. We will overnight at Lake Sevan.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 7

Armenia is rich with cross stones, bright example of it are the cross stones of Noratus (9-15 centuries) the oldest Cross Stones in the cemetery date back to the late 10th century. Noratus is a village in the Gegharkunik province of Armenia near the town of Gavar. In the village we will see a monastery and a church that date back to the 9th century, and a ruined basilica built by Prince Sahak. Then we move to Parz Lake. To reach for Parz Lake we will have to pass through tunnel. As passing it you will feel how climate changes. Parz Lake is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park. After visiting Parz Lake we will continue our trip to Goshavanq, a 12-13th century Armenian monastery located in the village of Gosh in Tavush Province of Armenia. The last point of this day is Haghartsin, a 13th century monastery located near the town of Dilijan. It was built between the 10th and 14th century. After our touring we will overnight in one of the hotels of town Dilijan.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 8

After breakfast we continue our tour to Vanadzor, and will visit Sanahin (X-XIII centuries). This is a complex with numerous khachkars and bishop gravesites that belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. We move to Haghpat. The oldest church of the Monastic complex is  Saint Nishan(X century). The location of Haghpat Monastery was chosen so that it overlooks the Debed River in Lori region. Then we will move to Odzun Monastery which is a basilica with cupola constructed around the V-VII centuries. There are numerous gravestones of the clergy around the church and a funerary monument. The eastern and western sides of the monument are carved with scenes from the Bible and introduction of Christianity in Armenia. And our final point will be Kobayr, which is a XIII century Armenian monastery located in the village Kober within Lori province. We return to Yerevan.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 9

We continue our tour to the peak of Aragats (4095m). The highest peak's altitude is 4090 meters. This circle of mountains is the remains of a crater of a big volcano. The average temperature is minus 12 degrees C in winter but sometimes the absolute temperature reaches minus 40 degrees C. Snow never disappears during summer. Lake Qari with the Cosmic Rays’ Scientific Research Centre is situated on Aragats. Here the highest working meteo-center in Caucuses is situated. The hiking duration will be 5 hours. Our second point in the tour will be one of the ancient castles of Armenia Amberd (X-XIII century). The name translates to "fortress in the clouds" in Armenian. The village of Byurakan is located 4 miles (6.4 km) away from the site of Amberd. And the final point of our tour will be Saghmosavank Monastery. It is a 13th century Armenian monastic complex located in the village of Saghmosavan in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. Saghmosavank is situated near the Kasagh River. Then we will return to Yerevan.

Meal in fee: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel

Amberd Fortress
Photo by Hovhannes Martirosyan
Day 10

Breakfast. Hotel check out (12pm-2pm). Transfer to the airport. Departure.

Departure from Zvartnots International Airport (Armenia)


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