Become a Tour Agent

Welcome to Tour Agent Cooperation Page

We are happy to see here all of you, if you are interested in travel industry - no matter you are a travel expert, super blogger, landscape admirer or just a perfect leader. What we offer is to try yourself as a Tour Agent and make money; let it be your job or hobby. We, at Wandelion, are open to cooperate with travel industry individuals; tour advisers and leaders, travel experts, operators… The list may be endless, the point is just to be obsessed with travel and share your experience with others; that’s all you need to do.


So, how does it work?

When you get registered as a Tour Agent, you acquire a special account that is designed to help you market and sell the existing tour packages online using any resource you would find proper (using social media platforms, blogs, websites, hinting co-workers to start traveling etc.). 

The time you are registered, you are given a voucher code. Any time, anyone enters your voucher code when making a purchase you receive commissions. Moreover, to boost people use your voucher code, they will also get discounts for buying a tour packages via your advice.


How do you get commissions?

There is going to be a purchase list on your profile, where you can always follow online the purchase process, vouchers used and commissions received from them. For more detailed information about the rates you can find on the terms and conditions section.

By clicking “proceed” you verify that you agree with the terms and conditions of Wandelion, thereby, you take the responsibilities of being a Tour Agent.