About us

Why we are here

We, at Wandelion, believe that a holiday starts long before arriving at the destination: that moments of choosing and planning are what we are here for.

Our painstaking research and our enthusiasm combine to provide you with inspiration and joyful web-surfing right from the first mouse-click, and throughout the entire planning process of your long-awaited holiday.

What we deliver

Inspiration and agility guide us in our work.

Our inspiration is located in the travel packages we offer at Wandelion: we find and suggest unique locations suited perfectly to you; places where the excitement of your discoveries dances with you throughout your experience, and helps to create vivid memories to take home.

Our agility is inherent in your web-surfing and travel-planning process through Wandelion. We provide you with all tools for planning, organising and scheduling a suitable itinerary that includes your target points, accommodation, eating, activities, and even tour guides – and the tools are flexible enough for rescheduling any of these.

Who we work for

The platform we have designed is for everyone with enthusiasm for travelling. Not only do we offer customised travel choices for individual travellers, but also we offer the opportunity to become travel leaders and benefit our group rates.

For other travel-related entities such as tour operators, travel agencies, tour freelancers and tour leaders, we offer designated corporate trails to surf.

For more information, please, contact us!